Ep. 109: IEP and 504 Plan Q&A with Vickie Brett and Amanda Selogie

Nov 29, 2022 | 0 comments

Returning to the podcast today are Vickie Brett and Amanda Selogie in a unique collaboration episode that will also air on the Inclusive Education Project (IEP) Podcast.

Through my experience as a clinical neuropsychologist specializing in pediatric assessments, parents ask a lot of great questions. In this episode, together with Educational attorneys, Vickie and Amanda, we are addressing some of the most common IEP-related questions in an effort to inform and educate parents.


Show Notes:

[1:26] – Does my child need a diagnosis to get accommodations at school?

[4:49] – What should parents do when they approach the teacher with concerns, but the teacher discourages an assessment?

[6:53] – What are SST meetings and their purpose within the school?

[10:01] – Does a child need an assessment if there is a diagnosis of just ADHD?

[11:23] – If I, as a parent, do not agree with the school’s assessment results and believe that something else is going on, what are my options?

[13:12] – What will an IEP provide that a 504 Plan will not?

[16:10] – What are the pros and cons of requesting an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)?

[18:04] – If a parent chooses to have a private assessment done and the results show the need for accommodations, modifications, or treatment, what is the next step with their school district?

[20:41] – What are parents entitled to if they have a private evaluation done?

[24:01] – Why are services not provided at private schools and can private school students still access public school services?

[26:57] – How does Child Find work in school districts to ensure they find students in private schools that need services?

[28:29] – If the school is recommending support that is not evidence-based, can I push back to ensure that my child gets an evidence-based intervention, and what should that look like?

[34:01] – No matter the situation, follow your gut feeling.


About Our Guests:

Vickie Brett
Vickie Brett was born and raised in Southern California and through the Inclusive Education Project she focuses on advocating and educating families about their legal rights. Vickie is committed to strengthening her clients who come to her disheartened and beaten down by the current education system. Because Vickie is bilingual, she represents and empowers many monolingual Spanish-speaking families. She is a dedicated pro bono attorney for the Superior Court of Los Angeles’s Juvenile and Dependency 317(e) Panel and, in the past, was a supervising attorney for the UCI Law School's Special Education Law Project.


Amanda Selogie

Amanda Selogie received a bachelor’s degree in Child and Adolescent Development, specializing in Education from California State University, Northridge and a Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School where she served as a Fellow in the prestigious Center for Children's Rights Fellowship Program and served in the school's pro-bono Special Education Legal Clinic. Amanda immersed herself in the world of civil rights and educational advocacy through her work in education, empowerment, and advocacy with the Inclusive Education project, supporting inclusion in early education through her appointment to the Orange County Child Care and Development Planning Council and their Inclusion Collaborative Committee, previous work serving as a supervising attorney for UCI Law School’s Education Rights Pro-bono project and coaching of AYSO’s VIP (Very Important Player) program coaching players living with disabilities and creating an inclusive soccer program.


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