Ep. 115: A Family Approach to Dyslexia with Dr. Lauren

Jan 10, 2023 | 0 comments

When one person in a family is struggling, it impacts the entire family. This is true for everything, but it is particularly true for the families of a child with learning difficulties.

Today, we have the first guest of a brand new year, Dr. Lauren who has graciously been on the Diverse Thinking Different Learning Podcast before. Since the previous discussion we had about dyslexia (episode 21), Dr. Lauren has continued her mission in supporting families by launching The Dyslexia Mom Boss Podcast. She is also a member of the ChildNEXUS community and she takes a family approach when working with students.

Ultimately, it’s not just about the child with dyslexia, but about the entire family and how to support each other.


Show Notes:

[1:44] – Dr. Lauren was a previous guest on the podcast and has since launched her own podcast called Dyslexia Mom Boss.

[3:29] – Learning disabilities are not exclusive to the United States. They are a world issue.

[5:12] – Dr. Lauren shares her own experiences with ADHD.  Although she does not have dyslexia herself, her experiences with learning impacted her mission as an educator.

[7:05] – Her first teaching job was working in a school for students with dyslexia. This was the start of her passion in helping this population of learners.

[9:27] – There is a disconnect between what parents and educators know about dyslexia and the struggling child in the classroom.

[10:22] – A huge problem is the access to reliable information.

[12:02] – What is D3 and why does Dr. Lauren group these three learning disabilities together?

[14:14] – More often than not, there is a comorbidity in children with dyslexia.

[15:32] – Through the public school system, it could take a lot of time to discover learning disabilities, and delays in identification cause parents and children to become overwhelmed.

[17:03] – Parent training and learning is also incredibly important in supporting dyslexic children at home.

[18:05] – Dr. Lauren puts us in the shoes of a child with dyslexia.

[19:15] – When one person in the family is struggling, it impacts the entire family.

[21:54] – When your child is upset or struggling, your initial reaction is to make it better.

[23:17] – Through her experience, Dr. Lauren has found that intervention sessions turn into listening to the concerns of the parents.

[24:18] – Parents need to also pour into themselves and not solely focus on the unique needs of their child.

[26:06] – The stressors of raising a child with struggles can have a negative impact on the marriage and relationship between parents.

[27:20] – Our brains go to the negatives first. We have to actively change our mindset.

[29:53] – Our thoughts have so much power in how we feel and how we behave.

[31:40] – When there is so much focus on the struggle, it is easy to forget that these students have strengths too.

[33:20] – There is no one curriculum for the dyslexic learner because everyone is completely different.

[35:02] – In order to advocate for your child’s needs, it is crucial to learn about dyslexia and how to support your child.



About Our Guest:

Dr. Lauren’s passion for educating, advocating, and bringing awareness to dyslexia at the domestic and international levels began in the elementary classrooms of private schools serving students with language-based learning disabilities. She has been a certified Special Educator for over a decade, and she earned her Doctor of Education in Teaching, Learning, Leadership, & Curriculum in 2019 from Northeastern University and holds a dual masters in Special Education and Elementary Education from Syracuse University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Syracuse University.

Dr. Lauren is the CEO and founder of Think Dyslexia LLC and delivers training and professional development for teachers and administrators at the district level focusing on dyslexia awareness and dyslexia screening. Dr. Lauren has worked with over 15 school districts at the national and international level leading educators and leaders to success. Dr. Lauren believes in a holistic approach to the dyslexia journey and coaches families every step of the way in the process. 


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