Ep. 141: The Link Between Language and Auditory Processing – Lois Kam Heymann, M.A., CCC-SLP

Jul 11, 2023 | 0 comments

Auditory processing and language processing are two subjects that overlap, but not everyone understands how they are related and how they impact children who struggle with both of them. Joining me today to help me discuss this is Lois Kam Heymann, a speech and language pathologist with over four decades of experience with auditory processing disorder and auditory language processing challenges.

Parents often come to Lois saying that their children aren’t listening, and if you are someone who feels that their child or children don’t listen, then this episode is definitely going to be worthwhile for you as Lois explains what could be going on. She also explains the difference between auditory processing disorders and ADHD, which are often confused even by medical professionals.

The only way for parents and professionals to intervene appropriately is for a thorough assessment to be done. We need to know exactly where the problem lies so that we can intervene appropriately, especially since these problems can lead to frustration and low self-esteem in the child. I love the work that Lois is doing, so I hope that you will tune in as she discusses all of these topics and more! It’s never too late to address auditory processing disorders.


Show Notes:

[2:39] – Auditory skills don’t usually start in the ear but in the brain.

[5:11] – Some kids with language difficulty are misdiagnosed with something like ADHD.

[6:39] – The difference between an auditory processing disorder and ADHD.

[9:28] – Lois lists off and explains the different parts of auditory processing.

[11:39] – How auditory processing difficulty can affect behavior.

[14:14] – What can parents do to help their children succeed in school?

[17:19] – The only way to build pathways is with auditory input.

[19:42] – It is not generally a teacher’s job to teach auditory skills.

[20:39] – Adults can have auditory processing disorders, and it’s never too late.

[21:27] – What can parents do during summer months?

[24:56] – Modeling language and behavior is the best way a parent can teach.

[25:40] – Lois shares information with us about her company ListenLoveLearn.

[28:54] – Hear about Lois’ main objective.


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