Ep. 142: How to Help Neurodivergent Kids Manage Social Media

Jul 18, 2023 | 0 comments

In this short summer episode, we’re talking about social media. There was a recent health advisory issued by the US Surgeon General on social media use in adolescence and ways to mitigate risks. The findings on excessive social media use are not entirely surprising, but it is important to keep in mind the added risks for neurodivergent kids. Today, we’ll talk about what those risks are and six ways to help manage social media use by kids and teens. 


Show Notes:

[2:10] – Increased stress, anxiety, and depression have been associated with excessive social media use.

[2:56] – Neurodivergent kids may be more vulnerable to these risks.

[4:04] – Excessive screen time can lead to poor sleep and even greater difficulty with attention.

[5:44] – Establish clear rules and boundaries.

[6:06] – Establish open communication channels to discuss online experiences and concerns.

[6:34] – Create technology-free spaces. Talk about online safety.

[7:12] – Encourage balance.

[7:51] – Monitor social media use.

[9:06] – There are some benefits of social media, and it can be a powerful tool.



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