Ep. 143: How Virtual Reality Helps Neurodivergent Individuals Develop Important Skills with Vijay Ravindran

Jul 25, 2023 | 0 comments

With different types of technology becoming more and more accessible, today’s guest has found the surprising and amazing benefits of virtual reality on neurodivergent individuals. As the father of a child on the autism spectrum, Vijay Ravindran discovered first hand what the technology can provide for those who think and learn differently.

Vijay’s positive experience led him to create Floreo, a research-based and effective therapy that uses virtual reality (VR) to teach social, behavioral, and life skills to neurodivergent individuals. This technology is not only effective, it is also engaging and exciting. Floreo is available to anyone to use and in today’s episode you’ll learn more about the technology and what it offers learners.


Show Notes:

[2:07] – Vijay’s inspiration for Floreo came from his experience as the father of a child on the autism spectrum.

[3:24] – Virtual reality is special because it is fully immersive and accessible.

[4:45] – The environments created are very engaging.

[6:17] – Virtual reality is a technology that allows someone wearing a headset with screens built in to feel a sense of presence in a different place.

[7:33] – Floreo’s VR content is designed to help develop skills.

[9:04] – They recreate scenes with animations and supervision to have social interactions as an intervention.

[11:21] – This platform incorporates lessons on a vast number of skills including those for adults.

[13:01] – Floreo offers the program through video conferencing and telehealth therapy.

[15:22] – Floreo provided so much support for children in need of services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

[18:24] – Situations can be recreated for individuals with anxiety to practice before experiencing them in person.

[20:15] – Floreo is focusing on partnering with health care providers and special education administrators.

[24:45] – Visit Floreo’s website to see what it is all about.


About Our Guest:

Inspired by his experience as an autism father and his child’s first experience with VR, Vijay Ravindran founded Floreo. Vijay started his career as an engineer and leader at Amazon in its early retail days before dedicating himself to impact-oriented leadership opportunities that have taken him from building key voter technology used by the Obama campaign in 2008 to Chief Digital Officer at The Washington Post Company. Vijay lives in Washington DC with his wife, two Star Wars obsessed kids, and hundreds of Transformers robots which he doesn’t let his kids play with. Outside of work, when he’s not rooting on his beloved Oklahoma Sooners, you can find him on the tennis courts. 


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