Ep. 147: 5 Tips to Help Students Transition Back to School

Aug 22, 2023 | 0 comments

A new school year is upon us! This can be an exciting time but it can also be challenging for parents and their children especially for those who think and learn differently. This quick episode is designed to help ensure a smooth start for these students and their families. These five tips can help navigate this period successfully. It’s not an exhaustive list, just a few tips to get the ball rolling for a great new school year.


Show Notes:

[1:52] – Tip #1: Establish a predictable routine.

[3:02] – Plan for adequate amounts of sleep.

[4:20] – Tip #2: Prepare well in advance.

[6:14] – Tip #3: Foster open communication. Schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher.

[8:08] – Trust your gut. Don’t hesitate to take an active role.

[8:35] – Tip #4: Break tasks into manageable steps.

[9:52] – Tip #5: Focus on strengths and self-care. Celebrate success and encourage hobbies.



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