Ep. 158: Why I Homeschool with Wendy Zanders

Nov 7, 2023 | 0 comments

Although today’s guest is a declutter coach and has been featured as a guest on the podcast before, she’s here for a completely different reason today. Today, Wendy Zanders is here in her role as a mom who homeschools.

This episode is a down-to-earth and realistic conversation about the popular topic of homeschooling. Wendy shares her journey, the ups and downs, the reasons behind her family’s decision, and the possibilities homeschooling has opened up for her children. 

If you are thinking about homeschooling or have questions about how you can homeschool more effectively, Wendy will have some answers in this conversation.


Show Notes:

[2:06] – Even though the homeschool journey for Wendy is for the whole family, both of her children are homeschooled differently.

[3:10] – Some families changed to homeschooling during the pandemic in 2020 and made the decision to continue.

[4:22] – Wendy shares the experience of meeting another family that was homeschooled and her daughter knew right away she wanted to be homeschooled as well.

[6:20] – It is okay to simply try homeschooling. If you don’t like it or it isn’t the right fit for your family, you can always go back to public school or find another option.

[7:48] – If you feel that you are not qualified or not feeling confident in a certain subject, you can find a tutor for support.

[9:19] – Wendy shares a bit about their structured school schedule and the things they do that are outside the traditional structure.

[10:49] – There are so many different options and you can make the decision that is best for you and your family.

[13:14] – Wendy shares the recent milestones for her children.

[15:26] – Through her son’s passion and interests, Wendy was able to create the perfect curriculum for him and he is now in a program for welding.

[17:10] – An important component of homeschooling is a community.

[19:14] – It is a myth that homeschooled children are missing out on the socialization opportunities provided in public schools.

[20:42] – There was a big mental shift that Wendy had to make. Unschooling has been the best fit for her and her family.

[23:52] – It is not at all required to spend a ton of money on a homeschool curriculum.

[25:30] – There doesn’t always have to be a dedicated school space in your home. Your kids may not learn that way.


About Our Guest:

Wendy Zanders is a professional organizer, Your Declutter Coach, and a United States Army veteran. Her family has been homeschooling both kids since 2019. They are a special needs homeschooling family that loves to learn outside the box. Her 16-year-old son graduated and is now a professional welder pursuing a career in the automotive industry. Their 10-year-old wants to be a scientist, and they enjoy exploring that path with her. Wendy is the biggest cheerleader for her kids and their journeys. 


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