Ep. 173: Why Treating Symptoms Isn’t Enough for Child Wellbeing with Hokehe Eko, MD MPH FAAP

Feb 20, 2024 | 0 comments

Did you know that most children with ADHD are given medication, offered some counseling, and nothing else? Today's episode is a game-changer, especially for parents navigating the challenges of ADHD because today’s guest wants to change this. Dr. Hokehe Eko joins us to discuss her unique approach, one that focuses on empowering children with ADHD without solely relying on medication.

Dr. Eko believes it's time to shift our focus from merely treating symptoms to understanding the whole child. In our conversation, Dr. Eko shares her insights into how trauma and lifestyle factors impact a child's behavior and cognitive development.

Instead of rushing to medication, Dr. Eko advocates for lifestyle and environmental changes that support a child's overall well-being. From nutrition to hydration, she discusses practical steps parents can take to empower their children and create a supportive environment for their growth. You may be surprised by the impact of small lifestyle changes and how they can positively influence a child's behavior and family dynamics. While there’s no “quick fix,” these small incremental changes not only benefit ADHD symptoms but the well-being of the whole family.


Show Notes:

[2:21] – Dr. Eko is a pediatrician and a big advocate for empowering our brains. She has a different approach to looking at the whole child.

[3:55] – During some training, Dr. Eko had the realization of how things could change. She shares the story of what inspired her approach.

[5:55] – Trauma makes changes in the way our brains work and our behavior.

[8:30] – You can never just assess symptoms. 

[10:50] – Before jumping to medication, Dr. Eko looks at simple lifestyle and environmental changes.

[13:03] – If we feed the brain what it needs and what it craves, we are healthier overall.

[14:34] – Behaviors are difficult and there isn’t necessarily a “quick fix.” However, lifestyle changes could benefit the overall health of the child more than medication.

[17:18] – Dr. Eko discusses the impact of nutrition on behavior.

[20:29] – If your child is healthier, the whole family is better overall.

[22:10] – Change one thing at a time. All the small changes build up.

[23:26] – Dr. Eko shares some suggestions on how to increase the amount of water you and your family drink that also gets the child on board.

[26:24] – It is a process. Take it one day at a time and do things as a family.

[28:36] – Dr. Eko emphasizes the importance of executive functioning skills and what parents can do to support their children.

[31:00] – Have a conversation with your child and explain what is going on. They need to understand as they form their identity.

[32:36] – Dr. Eko offers a support group and community and the information can be found on her website. She also shares the details of her recent book.


About Our Guest:

Dr. Hokehe Eko is a Mom, Board Certified Pediatrician, TedX Speaker, and CEO of Glow Pediatrics PLLC. She partners with parents of children with ADHD/Autism to address the root causes of their children's behaviors so they GLOW with health from the inside out. She is also CEO of Kits of Hope, a 501 (3) organization, sharing love, hope, and dignity with children in foster care.


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