Ep. 188: Enhancing Reading Skills Through Speech-Language Therapy with Stacy Payne MS, CCC-SLP

Jun 4, 2024 | 0 comments

Today, I’m excited to discuss the profound impact of early language and speech experiences on cognitive and academic skills, specifically reading skills. Joining us is a seasoned expert in the field, Stacy Payne, a speech-language pathologist and the founder of Bright Beginnings Pediatric Services.

Stacy shares her insights on the importance of creating a language-rich environment for children from an early age. She explains how these early interactions, much more than simple bedtime stories, are integral to cognitive development. Through everyday activities and conversations, parents and caregivers can significantly influence a child's language acquisition and communication skills.

We also explore the complexity of the developing brain and how language and communication skills evolve throughout childhood. Stacy highlights the importance of repetition in creating new neural pathways and how incorporating language-building strategies into daily routines, like grocery shopping, can make a huge difference.

For those concerned about missing critical language milestones in early childhood, Stacy offers reassurance that the brain can learn new skills and adapt at any age. She also shares exciting opportunities to maximize learning during the summer months, including intensive skill-building camps provided by Bright Beginnings Pediatric Services.

This is definitely a conversation you don’t want to miss!

Show Notes:

  • [2:33] – Speech and language therapy addresses more than just articulation.
  • [3:47] – Stacy explains that speech and language pathology includes everything “above the waist.”
  • [5:01] – It is anything that can get in the way of a person communicating.
  • [7:15] – Language doesn’t just include verbal communication. The brain is very complex and we have a lot of modalities to communicate.
  • [8:36] – Stacy explains how language and communication develop in an infant’s developing brain.
  • [12:17] – We need to be able to provide a language-rich environment for our developing children.
  • [13:52] – There are so many opportunities in simple day-to-day interactions to integrate language development strategies.
  • [15:12] – The brain requires repetition to develop a new skill and create a new neural pathway.
  • [16:51] – Build language into your day. Think about the countless opportunities at the grocery store.
  • [19:04] – Stacy describes some of the important considerations if a child is growing up in a household of multiple languages.
  • [22:28] – It is important to continue these conversations throughout the child’s life, not just in the early years.
  • [24:39] – Talking through things is also a form of modeling. These are all teaching and learning moments.
  • [26:39] – A lot of times, people don’t have the words to express themselves.
  • [28:08] – After articulation, pay attention to reading and writing.
  • [31:30] – Sometimes we forget about the things that we can pull into language development as we work on goals and articulation.
  • [33:35] – Stacy discusses cognitive training that speech-language pathologists go through that are typically unexpected by most people.
  • [35:06] – If something is missed in childhood, it’s not forever. The brain can still learn new things and how to do things in new ways.
  • [41:26] – We can maximize the summer months to work intensively on these skills. Stacy shares the summer camps available.

About Our Guest:

Stacy St. Amant Payne is a licensed speech-language pathologist who holds the Certificate of Clinical Competency awarded by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, a certified lactation educator, a certified ADHD-Rehabilitation Services Provider, and an extensively trained clinician and lecturer in the areas of dysphagia, motor speech disorders, reading disabilities, language-based learning disorders, and ADHD. She is the recipient of several ACE awards from ASHA for her ongoing commitment to continuing education.

Stacy founded Bright Beginnings Pediatric Services over 10 years ago after 20 years in the field of medical speech pathology, with a mission to help children in the community who are experiencing feeding, speech, language, reading, and learning challenges.

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