Ep. 193: Independent College Consultants: Who Needs One and When?

Jul 9, 2024 | 0 comments

Summer is here, and many graduates are looking into the college application process. If you’re not sure where to start, a college consultant can help make this stressful period much easier for students and parents alike. Today, we dive into everything about independent college consultants. What exactly are they? What is their role, and how do they help our students?

We’ll explore who might benefit from hiring an independent consultant and address the specific needs of students with learning and thinking differences, such as dyslexia and ADHD. I’m joined by independent college consultant Matthew Hayutin, Founder and Partner at Hayutin Education. Matthew began his career as a classroom teacher and private educational therapist, working with students of all ages and learning profiles. He has extensive experience as a college consultant and homeschool teacher.

If you’re not familiar with the role of a college consultant, Matthew breaks it down with insights into how the consultant's role can be customized to meet the individual needs of students and their families. College consultants can assist with researching and vetting schools and programs, helping to ensure students find the best fit, and navigating the application and admissions process.

Matthew is passionate about his position and emphasizes the importance of helping students find ways to contribute and become active citizens. He discusses using targeted questions to understand students' needs and explore options that facilitate a smooth transition from high school to college.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone navigating the complexities of college admissions. Tune in and discover why investing in an independent college consultant could be the game-changer your learner needs.

Show Notes:

[00:03] –  Public School students may have a student counselor with 500 students, and the connection points are far and few between. Having someone who could work individually with the student and get to know them is very valuable.

[05:19] –  Another reason that a consultant could be helpful is that they are available in the summer when your counselor isn't. A lot of work can get done in the summer to build momentum and create a runway for the fall.

[08:17] –  Having someone who can really drill into what will help the student and assist with the process. 

[09:19] –  Why would someone seek out an independent college consultant? There are multiple reasons including access and availability, especially over the summer, expertise, skill set, and bandwidth.

[10:28] –  The role of the college consultant. A strong consultant can help students create a list of schools that will accept them with open arms and ones that might be a bit of a stretch but worth the effort.

[13:53] –  They also help build executive functioning instead of doing everything for the student.

[14:12] –  The goal isn't just to get in. It's to find a place where the students thrive. A consultant can help find a good match for an environment where the student will thrive and ultimately graduate.

[16:54] –  Asking questions is part of the process of working with an independent consultant.

[19:47] –  What can we expect in terms of accommodation for students who have unique needs. 

[23:11] –  One of the advantages of working with a college consultant is they spend time with the student and get to know their individual needs.

[25:58] –  Questions to ask when trying to determine if a consultant is a good fit is the amount of access, feedback, and timeline. 

[30:02] –  Working with an independent college consultant can be a valuable investment for many families trying to work through the complexity of future college. 

About Our Guest:

Matthew Hayutin is a Founder & Partner at Hayutin Education, a company that he founded with his sister, Amy Hayutin Contreras. Hayutin is your partner in education offering executive functioning, educational therapy, independent study, tutoring, test prep, and college consulting. They assist students and parents in making good choices in education and having a wide array of educational possibilities. 

Matthew earned his advanced B.A. from Occidental College in English and Comparative Literary Studies in 1992 and his Master of Education with high honors from Pepperdine University in 1997. He also pursued additional studies in English, film, and creative writing at the University of Pennsylvania, NYU and UCLA. Matthew began his career as a classroom teacher and private educational therapist in 1997, working with students of all ages and learning profiles. Matthew also has extensive experience as a college consultant and homeschool teacher.

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