Ep. 62: How Lessons Learned in 2021 Can Help All Students

Jan 4, 2022 | 0 comments

As we enter 2022, many people continue to feel the lasting effects of 2020, especially students. But, by navigating through major disruptions in education during the last two years, we’ve learned many lessons that we can bring into the new year to help all students thrive. In this quick episode, let’s kick off the new year with some reminders of what we’ve learned that can help us improve the way we support our students both academically and beyond.


Show Notes:

[1:00] – 2021 was similar to 2020 for many people.

[1:43] – The challenges children face these days are harder to navigate.

[2:34] – Many students did very well with remote learning. How can we use this knowledge to help them thrive?

[3:36] – We need to broaden our goals beyond academics.

[4:31] – Spending time with peers is important. Many students need to catch up socially.

[5:09] – The focus on mental health is a silver lining from the last two years.

[6:06] – Practicing gratitude can reduce anxiety.

[7:03] – The pandemic has helped many people develop empathy and that can help people be more positive. Empathy can be taught and cultivated.

[8:20] – We have an opportunity to improve education based on what we have learned through adapting to major disruptions in learning.

[9:18] – Dr. Wilson shares her commitment to ChildNEXUS and the Diverse Thinking Different Learning podcast for the new year.


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