Ep. 66: How to Parent with More Compassion and Confidence with Sari Goodman

Feb 1, 2022 | 0 comments

Parenting can be hard. And, parenting a child who thinks or learns differently has its own unique challenges. But there’s so much joy in parenting. Many parents express wanting to experience that joy more frequently and that’s where a parent coach comes in. Today’s podcast guest is a parent coach with a lot of tips and strategies that can give parents the confidence to experience the joy of parenting.

Sari Goodman is a Certified Parent Educator and in this episode, we discuss the needs of parents in navigating challenges with their children. As we know, kids don’t come with instruction manuals and every parent experiences struggles. So, no matter your style of parenting or the unique needs of your children, this episode will provide you with the information you need to put aside judgment and find the confidence you need.


Show Notes:

[1:50] – Welcome to the show, Sari!

[3:20] – Right now, parents are under a lot of stress. Adding the stress of not knowing how to support their child creates an overwhelming situation.

[4:31] – Sometimes the fear of being judged affects how we parent.

[6:01] – The perfect family photos on social media are a cover up. Every parent has their challenges.

[7:18] – Sari says juggling work, family, and school (including sudden school closures) are all adding to parent stress and making it hard to maintain a schedule.

[8:35] – Structure provides comfort.

[9:34] – Sari shares that she often explains to parents what is normal to help parents be calm about their child’s behavior.

[11:00] – We need a “village” of “our people” to help support each other.

[12:07] – Especially with neurodiverse children, we have to try strategies that differ from the norm. Sari shares that trying new things is brave.

[14:01] – The parents that Sari coaches can call her any time and that support and availability make a huge difference.

[15:08] – Parents judge themselves more severely than others and that creates undue stress.

[15:59] – Sari shares some strategies and things she observes in the home.

[17:50] – Authentic compliments to other parents can create an alliance and far less judgment.

[20:40] – The fear of a child looking different and needing accommodations has hindered many parents from giving their child what they need to learn.

[22:44] – It is not wrong to be different.

[23:12] – Sari shares a personal story to demonstrate that sometimes we think we are being judged when we really aren’t.

[26:18] – Special events in class and field trips change structure. Parents can and should prepare the child who needs that structure.

[28:39] – Accommodations that help at school could be utilized at home as well.

[30:18] – Every parent has experienced struggle. Sari’s work normalizes that.

[32:40] – Positive structure and predictability is calming.

[34:10] – Email Sari at Sari@TheParentalEdge.com for Sari’s list of tactics parents can use to keep from feeling judged.


About Our Guest:

Sari Goodman is a Certified Parent Educator and Trainer who is an avid cheerleader for the most significant people in a child’s life – the parents.

She supports parents and guardians by developing a comprehensive understanding of family dynamics to create a customized action plan that reduces chaos and brings calm. 

She has been an educator of students, teachers, and parents for over 30 years:

  • Administrator & Teacher (preschool-grade 8)
  • Adjunct faculty for Teacher Training (Department of Education, Mt. St. Mary’s College
  • Special Education (Masters Degree and teaching credentials
  • Parent Education and Coaching (individual family coaching, parenting workshops, professional development on parenting for teachers and administrators)


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