Ep. 81: Yes! Your Child Can with Victoria Waller, Ed.D

May 17, 2022 | 0 comments

Welcome back for another exciting conversation, this time with an educator who has been working with children for over 40 years. Dr. Victoria Waller, author of Yes! Your Child Can: Creating Success for Children with Learning Differences, joins the Diverse Thinking Different Learning Podcast to help us identify the strengths of each child to unlock their full potential. Her focus for the last 40 years and counting is not what is wrong with children, but what is right.

In our discussion today, Dr. Waller shares several of her experiences and student success stories that have resulted from focusing on interests and strengths. As parents and educators, sometimes we get caught up in honing in on deficits and while early intervention is crucial, we can better reach a child and develop a trusting relationship when we help them with the things they love. Releasing in June 2022, Dr. Waller’s book is highly recommended for all parents.


Show Notes:

[2:07] – Victoria Waller’s book is available for preorder for release in June 2022. 

[3:10] – Even 40 years ago, Victoria never called it a disability and sees kids’ incredible abilities.

[4:14] – Victoria shares the statistics that show that most parents think their child will “snap out of it” and educators think children with learning differences are “lazy.”

[6:01] – What inspired her to write this specific book? After putting the book aside, Victoria had two experiences that pushed her to publish.

[8:19] – When you have a gut feeling, you have to get your child help.

[10:40] – Sharing another story about a child’s passion, Victoria proves the impact of using a child’s interests in their learning.

[12:32] – All children have positives and strengths and recognizing them is empowering.

[13:53] – Some kids spend all day in school and every day in therapy after school and it can be detrimental to have too much going on.

[14:59] – Most parents pay close attention to what their child can’t do rather than what they can do.

[16:12] – Sometimes you need to get creative to teach a skill using a child’s passion. It connects their interest with learning and sparks more interest.

[18:41] – Many children with learning differences can use their passions to create.

[20:56] – In her book, Victoria takes readers on a step by step process.

[23:06] – You can be smart, but still struggle.

[24:23] – Parents tend to be afraid of learning problems and struggles can cause stress for both the parents and the student.

[25:44] – While helping parents understand, Victoria’s book is also helping empower students.

[27:24] – Confidence is crucial and is even a key component of socializing.

[30:01] – It is okay to reach out to a teacher or therapist.

[31:21] – Victoria’s book also provides educators with ways to communicate with parents about a child’s strengths.


About Our Guest:

Victoria E. Waller, Ed.D. holds a B.S. in Education from Wayne State University, and both an M.Ed. as a certified reading specialist and an Ed.D. focusing on reading and learning differences from the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Waller has been awarded the University of Cincinnati’s Distinguished Alumna College of Education Award, was one of three finalists for the L.A. Music Center’s Bravo Award for Outstanding Teaching, and was named a Local Hero in the L.A. Times for her Printer Pal Program, connecting students with nursing home occupants. She was the creator of the Disney Busy Bags for Travel on Planes and Cars for Disney/Hyperion Books and has created backpacks and toys for M&M Mars, Inc.


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