Ep. 93: How Social-Emotional Learning Helps Students Succeed with Jess Corinne

Aug 9, 2022 | 0 comments

With back to school season quickly approaching, most families are looking for ways to set their children up for success as we settle back into a routine. This looks different for every family and every child, but one thing that everyone should consider is the importance of social-emotional learning. Today’s episode is about just that and its connection to executive functioning, self-awareness, and self management skills.

Joining the podcast today is Jess Corinne from Learnfully, a personalized educational program that connects students with specialists that meet their needs and set them up for success. Jess is the Head of Educational Services for Learnfully and comes to us with over 20 years of neurodiversity experience, including being the mother of her own neurodiverse children.

As we start to transition back to a school routine, what are things you can do at home to ease that transition for your learner?


Show Notes:

[2:43] – Jess comes to Learnfully from private practice and feels like she now has a greater reach to help more students.

[3:31] – 1 in 5 students have some sort of learning difference, but those are only the ones that are actually diagnosed.

[4:42] – Social-emotional learning gets overlooked a lot of times but for neurodiverse students, this area needs explicit instruction.

[6:18] – So much of what children do is within a social environment. There are a lot of components to social emotional development.

[7:25] – 80% of your success as an adult is based on your emotional intelligence. Connectivity leads to the highest level of results.

[8:27] – Neurodiverse or neurotypical, all children need direct instruction on the components of social-emotional learning.

[10:54] – The majority of learners need to be taught how to problem solve and interact with their peers.

[12:10] – Learnfully offers social skills groups to enhance a learner’s confidence in safe social environments.

[13:47] – A growth mindset is important to cultivate for young learners.

[15:06] – Anything is possible and a growth mindset opens up a learner’s eyes to their capability.

[16:16] – What is mindfulness and self-regulation?

[17:56] – Coaching caregivers in how to teach self-regulation tools before children are faced with situations in the classroom is very effective.

[19:25] – Learning challenges can make social emotional problems worse.

[20:57] – When we’re overwhelmed, it’s hard to access higher level skills, like decision making skills and problem solving skills.

[22:41] – At home, it is important to model and validate.

[24:05] – Set up a schedule that works explicitly for your child before the school year starts. They can practice in a safe space.

[25:43] – Ease back into a routine before school starts rather than starting it the day before going back to school.

[26:50] – Lowering anxiety and increasing readiness at the start of a new school year helps with more than academics.

[28:23] – Jess explains some strategies that worked for her.

[29:46] – Collaboration gives students agency.

[30:53] – The more that students learn about how they learn, the more success they will see in their learning.

[32:12] – What is Learnfully and what do they do to help children with their learning differences?


About Our Guest:

Jess Corinne is the Head of Educational Services for Learnfully and has dedicated her life to providing learning support to families using multi-sensory, evidence-based curriculums. She has 20+ years of neurodiversity experience including 10 years as an Executive with Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes and several years serving neurodivergent learners and their families within her private practice. At Learnfully, she oversees the administration of academic assessments, the development of differentiated instructional plans, and instructional implementation for children with or without diagnoses. Learnfully focuses primarily on building learner confidence while developing skills in reading, comprehension, spelling, writing, math, social skills, Executive Functioning, and beyond. Jess is the parent of three (most likely, four) neurodivergent kiddos and prides herself on being the best teacher mama she can be!


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