Ep. 95: Hope for a New School Year with Lindsay Recknell

Aug 23, 2022 | 0 comments

How are you feeling about this new upcoming school year? Would you say you feel hopeful about it? Now it is really important to feel hopeful about the upcoming school year, but it isn’t enough to just hope that your child or client will have a better school year. We know that there are many pieces to the puzzle of having a great school year, but hope does matter. And today our guest talks about the science of hope and what that means for heading back to school. 

Lindsay Recknell is an expert in hope and in this episode, she explains what this intangible concept feels like within our brains. When you dig deep into it, it seems complicated with the Hope Theory, the Hope Circuit, the Hope Scale. But really, this concept is simple to grasp and even better, it can be taught. Hope is contagious and can absolutely change your mental health and wellbeing. In this episode, Lindsay also walks us through an incredibly useful exercise that you can do independently or even with your family as we cultivate hope for a new school year.


Show Notes:

[2:31] – This time of year is a time of new beginnings.

[3:58] – When we think about the word hope, it feels intangible.

[5:39] – Lindsay explains Positive Psychology. 

[6:40] – Hope Theory is when the action of hope comes into play. Lindsay also explains the Hope Circuit.

[7:47] – This concept is simple to grasp. Hope can be taught.

[8:38] – We all have hope, even if it is deep down. There is a scientifically validated test called The Hope Scale.

[9:24] – Lindsay believes that hope is contagious.

[10:16] – You can also increase your hope independently.

[11:31] – The Hope Circuit connects to our intrinsic thoughts on hope.

[12:40] – Lindsay explains the Hope Circuit and what happens in your brain.

[14:13] – Do this activity with Lindsay. Pause and write these things down.

[16:24] – As you think about the vision you’ve created, you will feel something. That’s your brain on hope.

[17:05] – If you can do this exercise over and over with your family when you need a hope booster, it is so powerful.

[18:38] – Hopefulness is not all about feeling happy. Hope and optimism are related but are independent from each other.

[19:42] – Lindsay’s definition of hope is that the future will be better than today by taking action over the things we can control.

[21:04] – What are some of the things we can do to help build hope?

[23:01] – You don’t have to start with something huge.

[24:20] – The process of reaching the goal is more important than the goal itself in a lot of ways.

[25:40] – We know that life is hard sometimes, but we have tools to help us leverage hope.


About Our Guest:

As an expert in hope and a Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, Lindsay Recknell works with individuals and organizations to increase their levels of psychological health & safety in the workplace using Positive Psychology and the Science of Hope. She empowers individuals, strengthens teams and transforms organizations through her Self-Awareness Superhero, Dream Catalyst and Wellness Webinars programs. Lindsay lives in Calgary with her husband and their two Golden Retrievers.


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