Photo of Dr. Karen Wilson, host of Diverse Thinking, Different Learning. A Child Nexus podcast.

Diverse Thinking
Different Learning

A ChildNEXUS Podcast

Child neuropsychologist, Dr. Karen Wilson, shares information about learning differences and interviews experts who help children and adolescents with learning differences, neurodevelopmental disorders and social and emotional difficulties achieve their full potential.

Learning and thinking differences and emotional struggles (such as anxiety) keep children and adolescents from reaching their full potential.  This show is designed to educate, inform, and share information so that parents and educators can be equipped with the knowledge and strategies they need to help students thrive.

With the Diverse Thinking • Different Learning Podcast, you’ll get the most relevant information about learning differences, learning disorders, and emotional difficulties students experience, and learn about assessments, intervention and treatment for children and adolescents so that you can provide the support that kids need.  It is a mix of interviews and solo shows with Dr. Wilson designed to increase awareness of learning and thinking differences and to share information about effective strategies and relevant research.  Subscribe to this podcast, and get ready to learn.

The Diverse Thinking • Different Learning Podcast is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical or legal advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Additionally, the views and opinions expressed by the host and guests are not considered treatment and do not necessarily reflect those of ChildNEXUS, Inc or Dr. Karen Wilson.

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