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Ep. 164: 5 Keys to Productive IEPs with April Rehrig

The IEP process is notoriously daunting, overwhelming, and can be confusing to parents. However, parents have the right to be active participants in all aspects of an IEP. There’s more that parents can do to be a part of their child’s education and successfully...

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Ep. 160: The Sleep-Deprived Teen with Lisa Lewis

Today’s topic is no stranger to the Diverse Thinking Different Learning Podcast. We’re talking about sleep, but this time, we’re discussing the impact of sleep (and lack thereof) on teens. Lisa Lewis explains it all beautifully in her book The Sleep-Deprived Teen: Why...

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Ep. 158: Why I Homeschool with Wendy Zanders

Although today’s guest is a declutter coach and has been featured as a guest on the podcast before, she’s here for a completely different reason today. Today, Wendy Zanders is here in her role as a mom who homeschools. This episode is a down-to-earth and realistic...

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